Revit tip: center a text on a point

Text as a group

In Revit, texts can only snap to other texts. It's strange, but it's Revit way ;-)

If you want to align a text accurately on a specific point, select your text, then click on the Group tool The Group tool. The group insertion point comes at the center of the text box. Now, use the Move The Move tool tool to put your text on the target point. You can snap to the group insertion point (The group insertion point snap symbol) for the start point.

Finally, delete the group.



This is true, you can't center/lock a model text in more than 1 dimension. But if you group it, you will be able to do it against the center of the group. People also recommend to put crossed reference lines (invisible) in the group and dimension them.

Thank you very much for this tip. I've been very annoyed for years with this "Revit's way"! Thanks for saving me

Muchas gracias, estoy en la facultad de arquitectura y no me gustaba tener mis tetos desalineados, mil gracias

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